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Quickbooks Hosting Services

CloudQuickBooksHosting.com provide accountants a means to communicate with their clients through a QuickBooks service about issues in the QuickBooks file. It is very interesting and has a lot of potential to make it easier for the accountant to “close the books” for a client.

I would like to point out that my description of this feature is based on presentations made to me by Intuit. I’ve not had my hands on the product yet, so I can’t tell you if there are any flaws that I’ve uncovered. Intuit has been very helpful in scheduling sessions to go over the details, but I prefer to have my hands on the product to dig in. In this case, since it uses a web-based service, it wasn’t possible for me to gain access prior to the official launch.

The Problem
You are an accounting professional and you are working with your clients QuickBooks company file, trying to close the books. There are transactions that you believe are miscategorized , but you aren’t sure of the details. This means that you have to either call the client, or more likely you’ll send them an email with the details and your question. This can take time to prepare a message, to pull the information out of QuickBooks and put it into a message that makes sense.

You’ll send the message and eventually get a response. It might not be a clear response, so you may have to ask another question. In the meantime, you have OTHER email threads to the same client, asking about OTHER issues in the file.

Keeping track of these multiple parallel email threads can be difficult. Worse yet, if at some future date there is a question or a problem with how you treated the transaction, it can be difficult to reproduce a trail of messages to back up the changes that you made.

QuickBooks is one of the core business applications most companies rely on, and Intuit understands the value of cloud hosting versus running software locally onsite. Many company accountants and bookkeepers like to access QuickBooks from both the office and at home, while also providing limited remote access to their CPA firm for assistance with month-end close, journal entries and general accounting questions. Hosting QuickBooks in the cloud makes organizations more productive and efficient by allowing secure access from anywhere at any time, without the restrictions associated with having QuickBooks on a machine in the office.

We are very excited to be part of the Intuit hosting family and the value it can bring to our clients. If you have or are considering QuickBooks for your company and would like the flexibility and security of hosting it in the Fluid Cloud.